3 Things You Should Do with Beauty and the Beast

Our family loves Disney movies, we always have. We see almost every single one in the theatres. We buy almost all of them when they come out on VHS, DVD, BLU-RAY, DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. When Southern Baptists infamously boycotted Disney back in the late 90s, (***shhh*** we still enjoyed their entertainment!). […]

Imagining a Youthful Jesus – A Review of The Young Messiah

What was Jesus’ childhood like? Did he play with friends? Did he ever get sick? What was it like for Mary and Joseph to raise the perfect Son of God? These are all questions that many Christians have pondered and might even discuss from time to time. Wondering about these […]

Sunday Sports Hangover

Today’s Post is featured over on Word Slingers. Word Slingers is the online blog/outreach of the Baptist Messenger, our Oklahoma Baptist paper.

What does Hope change?…EVERYTHING!

Several years ago now, a friend shared a prayer need regarding his son. This son had through many years and many choices found himself deep in addiction to prescription drugs and his life falling apart. He was alienating godly parents and losing his young wife and children. We prayed over a period of months […]

The Playboy Problem

Yesterday a big announcement came out that should make us sick!…Not just because of what was being done, but because of why it was being done. The CEO of Playboy Enterprises that publishes the magazine Playboy announced that this spring the magazine will no longer include pictures of “fully” nude […]