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Thoughts and Convictions on Family, Ministry, the World, and other Things

One Pastor’s Response to the film NOAH – Part 1

Noah Review Part 1 of 2



Noah is now in theatres. There are very few movies that have been pushed as hard and as specifically to one crowd as Noah. There have been many reviews and passionate opinions on both sides. So why did I go see this film? I decided to go see it opening day so that I might form for myself an opinion of its content and value. Additionally, I felt it would be valuable to my church and others to be able lay out some of the facts in (or left out) of the movie in regards to the Biblical narrative. In this review, I will start with why I think you should or should not see the film. Then in part 2, I will share an overview along with thoughts on some of the specifics in the movie.


Should you see this movie?

I saw it because I am a thinker. I’ve heard everyone else’s opinions of the movie, but I wanted to weigh them for myself. I will believe the Bible’s account above any other, and it is important for you to be familiar with what the Word of God says first. There was a LOT in the movie that drove me nuts. But the movie as a whole has caused me to consider the Biblical account more and God’s true purpose of the flood.


So here are a couple things to think about if you are considering seeing the film Noah.

1. This movie is “inspired” by the Biblical account. Noah, his sons, and other characters are those we know of in Scripture, but the events in the movie are just the producer and its writer’s thoughts and fictional musings about the Biblical narrative.

2. Know the Bible! This narrative is found in Genesis chapters 6-9, and you’ll learn much more reading the Bible than going and seeing a movie.

3. God had a purpose for the flood! God was very intentional about it. God hates sin, but loves man and wanted to provide salvation from His wrath.

4. There are some things in the movie that are just plain wrong! If you want to know of some of these things, read part 2. The wrong things can distract from the right things, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t see the movie.


I can’t/won’t tell you whether or not you should see this movie. In general, it wasn’t my favorite…I’ve heard it compared to the movie Gladiator or some other big epic film; and in my opinion, Noah wasn’t even close to Gladiator. That being said, be careful if you chose to see Noah, or go see this instead!


Check out this post by Pastor Mark Aduddell of Vintage Church in Edmond, OK.

I want to challenge those of you who will be going to see the newly released movie, NOAH. Keeps these things 10 things in mind.
1. The true story of NOAH can be found in Genesis 6-9. Read it, and become familiar with what really took place during this time in history.
2. This is not a documentary, nor is it intended to be an accurate account from the Biblical Record in Genesis. Don’t walk away thinking you just saw an accurate account of the true events.
3. The movie is really just inspired by the historical character and story of NOAH, and that is where most of the accuracy will end.
4. Don’t waste your time trying to tell everyone why they shouldn’t see it. If they want to see it, they will see it. Just make sure if you do watch it, that you view it as a movie and not a true representation of Scripture.
5. Don’t draw lines in the sand about the movie with your feelings and words, that will close doors to sharing the gospel, to those who don’t yet believe in Christ or the Bible.
6. Just maybe, this will be an opportunity to share the gospel with someone. Maybe people will be drawn to read the bible for themselves. Maybe we can see some people come to Jesus Christ because we handle ourselves with class even though the film is not biblically accurate.
6. The sins of the times of NOAH were not killing animals, harming the environment, and eating meat. The Scripture says… “The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” Genesis 6:5.
7. The truth is that the story of NOAH is a real life example of rebellion, judgement, sacrifice, grace, forgiveness, promise, and Christ.
8. Relax, God can use anything to bring Glory to Himself if He so desires.
9. Hollywood and independent film makers are making some family films. They are not always accurate, but they are realizing that people want something more than the status quo.
10. Get ready, todays world is looking more and more like the days of NOAH. Start inviting people into the ARK of Jesus Christ. Only he can truly save any of us. Without Him how lost we would be!