Wondering In the Promised Land (Easter Edition)

Over the next couple weeks I will be writing a series called “Wondering in the Promised Land.” I hope to convey what it is like to both wonder about and wander in a place that is near and dear to my heart. I will be taking a group October 6-15 […]

One Pastor’s Response to the film NOAH – Part 2

Noah Review Part 2 of 2 The first part of my Noah review can be found here. Following is a brief synopsis and then a discussion of some specific topics found in the movie Noah. CAUTION!!! Spoilers Ahead! In fact, If you are planning on seeing the movie…I would recommend […]

One Pastor’s Response to the film NOAH – Part 1

Noah Review Part 1 of 2   Noah is now in theatres. There are very few movies that have been pushed as hard and as specifically to one crowd as Noah. There have been many reviews and passionate opinions on both sides. So why did I go see this film? […]

Take A Step Back!

Sometimes you just have to take a step back. Life in general has been very busy…good…but very busy. Let me give a recap: wonderful wife, four precious children, a growing church, working on doctorate, new building, mom with cancer, did I mention four children. Now since most of you can […]

Playing Detective

I was interviewed by News9 about some recent burglaries and the video I captured with my home surveillance.